Who said Nusa Penida Island isn’t worth it?

To see the best of the island, rent a scooter, go along the bumpy roads, explore the hidden beaches & the most important: respect the nature, don’t let your garbage & cigarettes butt ruined this paradise!

Budget for 2 persons, 3 days-2 nights:

  • Food: From IDR 40k per meal if you eat local
  • Hotel: From USD 5 per night (Booking / Traveloka…)
  • Boat: From Sanur to Nusa Penida pier round trip IDR 350k = 30 minutes per trip

Important: the last boat is at 4:30 pm

  • Scooters: about IDR 150k for 1 scooter per day (do not hesitate to negotiate)

Where to stay?

1- Pradana Beach Inn Luxury

  • Budget: IDR 566,190/ night
  • Address : Batununggul, Nusapenida, Kabupaten de Klungkung,Bali 80771, Indonesia

2- The Sandat Bungalows

Quiet bungalow with comfortable beds, swimming pool, friendly staff. The breakfast is simple but good.

  • Budget: about IDR 370k
  • Address: Sakti, Nusapenida, Kabupaten de Klungkung, Bali 80771, Indonesia

Located 30 minutes from the pier, the location is perfect, you can drop your bags, it is on the way to Angel’s Billabong & Broken beach. It takes about one hour and a half to get there. The road is pretty destroyed, be careful is you’re not used to driving scooter.

Where and what to eat?

The best food is in the local restaurants, there are plenty all along the road and near the main points of interest. Fresh coconuts, fried rice, chicken satay…

I would recommend the Satay Chicken sticks at the pier in Nusa Penida

Where to go?

The west part of the island is worth to go, It takes a about 1h30 to reach the main spots. Seaside, sea view, mountains & forests are surrounding the roads. The all trip is stunning. Drive safe.

Atuh Beach

There are 2 ways to reach Atuh beach:

  1. If you arrive from the hotel mentioned above (The Sandat bungalow) you will see an indication “Atuh beach” to turn left. You will arrive on the top of the hill and see a first beach with few restaurants. Very beautiful one, white sand, transparent and turquoise water. But the main spot isn’t discovered yet. Once on the beach, if you want to reach the most beautiful spot, you have to climb up the hill at the opposite side of the beach.

Best option:

  • In case you arrive from the hotel mentioned above (The Sandat bungalow) you will see an indication “Atuh beach” to turn left. I would recommend to go straight to arrive directly at the most beautiful spot. By going straight you will avoid going back and forth by scooter and climb the hills twice. You can then directly reach the next beach Desa Tanglad Beach

Spending half day on this paradisiac beach isn’t too much,you will forget the time. Let the shade of blue, white sand, infinity cliff transport you in another world. I just let the pictures express the beauty by themselves.

Tips: Stop by the sea view restaurant at the edge of thehill, you can’t miss it, located down the path after this little house:

  • Delicious Chicken fried rice & noodles
  • Fresh coconut
  • Fresh fruits

Desa Tanglad Beach

Down a deep cliff, the path to get there is sharp, at the edge of the mountain and very slippery. We preferred not to take the risk to go down. The view from the top was beautiful enough. Locals told us the path has been damage by recent hearth quakes. On the top of that we saw some stones falling down. Could be dangerous to receive one on the head will hiking down.

Broken beach

Angel’s Billabong

Angel’s Billabong is supposed to be stunning, unfortunately we just saw mud rather than crystal water. Wasn’t the best day.

Secret beACH: no name 😦

After that we found out a beach nearby, we just followed some locals through a tiny bumpy path in the forest, at some point we had to leave our scooters and go down the hill. We were in the hiking in the jungle before ending on a desert white sand turquoise water beach. Unfortunately, I don’t know the name and couldn’t explain how to get there.  

Best Advice

It takes times to reach the different location due to the bumpy roads, we focus on only one amazing beach before heading back to Nusa Penida Pier.

Kelingking Beach

Another beach down a deep cliff, it takes about 25 to 40 minutes to get down, depends on your conditions and shoes. Would highly recommend to wear sneakers for most of the destinations in Nusa Penida. They built a path on therock with some bamboo/wooden fences. Forget about the safety standard, just pay attention where you step. It is quite unstable. Need to climb up.

Once on the beach don’t jump in the water without checking the current and waves strength. Would be a mistake to underestimate them, they are super strong & dangerous. Very easy to get wiped out and through away on the sand. The waves explode directly on the beach, even if it is not deeper than 30 cm the strong current can make you fall. Best place to feel and see mother nature’s strength.

We spent some times enjoy the waves until a session of 5 huge ones injured and shake some of us. Once in the wave you can’t escape until it brings you on the beach.

Climb back is a good cardio exercise, it took us about 20 minutes to climb up. Count between 20-40 minutes, all depends on your conditions.

On our way back we picked up our bags from the hotel and reached the pier back to Sanur in Bali.

I didn’t want to leave the island, no other choice than going back to Bali after 3 fantastic days.

Nusa Penida is Highly recommended !!!

Enjoy your stay, keep me posted about your experience in Nusa Penida


Cecile Lammer


China: Guilin in 2 Days, Guangxi


  • Hostel: USD 5 per night per person ( we shared a bedroom with 4 beds)
  • Visit including boat tour, transportation and food: USD 20 per day per person
  • Taxi from airport to hotel (city center): About USD 15.
  • Food: USD 4 per meal in average

Guilin is in the region of Guangxi located south west of China. The city has an airport and railway stations. Very convenient access, once arrived at destination you can easily find a taxi to bring you at your hotel (Plenty of choices).

Guangxi is a region with mountains and water “桂林山水甲天下” Guilin’s mountains and water are the best under heaven. In China, a beautiful landscape is considering having water and mountains.

At that period we were studying in Shanghai. We took a plane to optimise our time. it was fast convenient and not very pricy for student’s budget.

chine 1228

Where to stay?

We were there in 2013, quite a long time ago. At that time we stayed in a cheap hostel called Green Forest Hostel. Nothing fancy, it was clean & the staff was making the different. Very Helpful and friendly. They helped us to book amazing tours. We were very happy staying there and the food was tasty. Location was good, nearby the river and many shops.

What to do?

Go with the stream of the Li River (漓江) and enjoy the view. The river is 83 kms long, from Guilin to yangshuo.

On the reverse side of the 20 Yuan note a you can see afisherman on his bamboo raft floating on the Li River among the  astonish Karst mountains.

20 Yuan.jpg

One of the famous view in Guilin is printed on the reverse side of the  20 Yuan note. You can see a fisherman on his bamboo raft floating down the Li River through the spectacular Karst mountains of Guilin. If you ask locals in Guilin, most of them will be able to tell you where that is.

Fishermen in Guilin are using a bird called the cormorant to fish,


Guilin is magnificient and remain one of the most beautiful place I visited.

Together with the visit of local villages you will see the real China. Chinese people are very curious while meeting foreigners especially few years ago.

The red color around the main entrance door of the house in China is helping to push evil spirits away, this is really common in China to see them at the entrance. The famous spirit is named “Gui”. The Gui can take the appearance of animals, monsters or human to persecute the living. There are plenty of histories around those legends.

Near the Li River you also have a smallest one call Yulong River, we really like this place, bamboo boats and local fishermen make the trips even more authentic. At that time it was less touristic than the li River.

Always be carreful while bagaining as of course they want to get as much profit they can. It is a game in China to negociate the prices. I would not try to bargain with the price of the food. this is not recommended, however for transportation, tours or bying some souvenirs you should.

Tips: Make sure the taxi driver is using the meter. To avoid to be scam do not accept random drivers, go to the taxi’s queue.

You can learn some simple vocabulary in chinese on this website teach me chinese



Cécile Lammer



SHANGHAI: 24 Realities through pictures

Dear World Travellers,

I lived more than 4 years in Shanghai, and still I did not write a proper article about the city of my heart. Shanghai has such a special spirit that I should take you there with me. I don’t know where to start from.

Maybe I should start by enumerate what makes this city SO special to me from my first day in 2012.

1- Shanghai is OVERSIZED

2- Shanghai is a city of CONTRAST

3- Shanghai has the BEST food

4- Shanghai has a Great NIGHT LIFE

5- Shanghai has one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL SKYLINE in the world

6- Shanghai is AUTHENTIC

7- Shanghai is INTERESTING

8- Shanghai has the biggest PEDESTRIAN roundabout

9- Shanghai is UNPREDICTABLE

10- Shanghai has GREAT Street food

11- Shanghai has SECRETS

12- Shanghai has WATER TOWNS

13- Shanghai is full of ART

14- Shanghai has TEMPLES

15- Shanghai has one of the CRAZIEST rush hour (people square VS Lujiazui)

16- Shanghai Has old European Architecture

17- Shanghai Has Beautiful GARDENS

18- Shanghai has TEA CEREMONY

19- Shanghai has HEAVY RAIN


21- Shanghai is CUTE

22- Shanghai Made me DREAM 468 meters above the ground

23- Shanghai gives you a kid spirit

24- Shanghai has VINTAGE hidden coffee shops


Let me prepare a tour guide 🙂